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Alberta Feed and Consulting Ltd has worked to understand the unique needs of cattle and swine producers like you in Alberta. Our veteran nutritionists work with you to create custom diets and formulations that suit the needs of your farm and bottom line. Following a scientifically derived plan, our experienced nutritionists lay out a plan that will result in animals that grow faster, with increased resistance to stressors like breeding, calving, extreme Alberta cold, or spring scours. 

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As farmers ourselves, we understand the drive to affordably raise the most impressive cows and hogs, but with so much information, choosing the right feed can be easier said than done. 

Producers are busier than ever and are doing more for less. This is where “The Biggest Little Feed Company in Alberta” comes in to relieve some of that stress by providing the highest quality feed and minerals with personalized service.

We value getting to know you and the unique needs of your operation, whether you are raising 10 cows or 10,000. By offering custom feed testing, in-person consultations with highly experienced nutritionists, and on farm delivery, we do everything possible to ensure your success. 

Contact the team at Alberta Feed and Consulting Ltd today to simplify how you add nutritional value to your livestock’s diet. 

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Do you have questions about our beef feed supplements? Are you wondering what kind of feed services we offer? Alberta Feed & Consulting Ltd is committed to understanding our customer’s unique needs to formulate custom feed and mineral solutions. Now, you can find out more about us and some of the common questions we receive.


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Alberta Feed’s dedication to our long-time clients and innovation within the industry has continued to reinforce our ability to serve our beef and hog clientele, many of whom have been with Alberta Feed for decades. By providing the right products, services, and guidance, we help our customers compete and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of the livestock industry. 

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What Beef Farmers Like you are saying...

After we got our custom ration/diet done by Alex, the backfat on our pigs went from an average of 22mm down to 20mm (10% improvement) within one breeding cycle. Paul Byemore Colony
I used that calving mineral Michelle said I should; we spent less time dealing with hard calvers and they seemed to recover faster if they did have troubles. Little less scours in the calves when I check my notebook. Terry Sibernagel
Always awesome dealing with Ron. Cliff Edward
Awesome team!! You guys are super!! Jacob Entz