Alberta Feed & Consulting carries a full line of mineral premixes for both cow-calf producers and back-grounding operators. Providing proper levels of nutrition significantly affects the health, reproduction and feeding efficiency of your cattle. With today’s improved beef breeds and higher production expectations, it is vital that proper nutrition is supplied at all levels of production.

Mineral requirements in cows and other livestock depend on the type, weight and age, as well as the rate of performance expected of the animal. Mineral imbalances and/or deficiencies will result in decreased performance, decreased disease resistance and reproductive failure, which can result in significant economic losses.

Our beef program is designed to exceed the nutritional requirements for all your beef animals when fed according to recommendations. Optimal performance and health of the herd will only be achieved when all the required nutrients are delivered in the right quantity and ratio. 

The minerals, supplements or premixes supplied are only a small portion of your animals’ daily nutrition intake; we recommend that you analyze your feedstocks for nutrient availability and quality. Allow us to help build a program designed for your operation based on your livestock, goals and feed-stock availability.


When traditional feed and pasture grazing fall short, our scientifically formulated feed supplements step in to bridge the nutritional gap.


Alberta Feed & Consulting's program of beef minerals is tailored to meet the specific nutritional challenges of each stage of production.


Providing proper levels of nutrition through feed premixes has a positive impact on the health, reproduction and feeding efficiency of your cattle.

Micro Premixes

Our premixes are designed to address specific nutritional gaps in your herd's diet, ensuring that every component contributes to overall health, growth, and productivity.