Micro premixes are feed additives that are a mixture of ingredients that supply only trace minerals and vitamins that your beef cattle and swines need to improve growth and reproduction. 

Many cattle diets based on traditional feed and pasture grazing have insufficient minerals and nutrients. However, determining the best mineral supplements for your cattle is based on your herd and the specific goals of your beef operation. Do you want to improve reproduction and calving, or do you want to increase growth? By accessing Alberta Feed & Consulting’s range of services, including feed testing, ration balancing and feed consulting, we can help determine what supplements and minerals your herd needs to succeed.  

With a sample size of just 2-3 cups of feed (5-6 cups for silage), we can test grains, hay, silage and any other feed-stuffs for basic energy levels, trace minerals, or the presence of ergot and mycotoxins. Your feed testing results are ready within only 3-5 business days. Our knowledgeable nutritionists will review the results with you to provide a clear picture of what needs to be improved in your cattle and swine feed to meet your operation’s goals.

Alberta Feed & Consulting Ltd’s office and facilities are located in Red Deer, right in the heart of Central Alberta. Our central location allows us to effectively support beef cattle and swine operations throughout Alberta. We are also able to offer our services and feed supplement products to farmer and producers in North BC and Saskatchewan. 

Yes, we do offer delivery services. We understand time is limited on your beef or swine farm, so making the trip into town to pick up feed supplements can take up too much of your valuable time. You are able to arrange on-farm delivery services for your feed supplement and mineral orders.