Beef Breeder Mineral

Our Beef Breeder mineral has equal amounts of phosphorus and calcium. It also contains elevated levels of vitamin E and selenium for increased immunity and better breeding performance. It also incorporates high levels of magnesium and 5% added salt. There are high levels of nutrient fortification for all other nutrients. Alberta Feed & Consulting recommends feeding our Beef Breeder Mineral at 80 – 100 grams per head per day.

Available with or without added Rumensin.



  • Thoroughly mix 7.2 kg Beef breeder mineral px with 492.3 kg of barley silage and 500 kg of grass hay dry matter. 
  • Feed to 600 kg mature beef cows at 2.3% of their body-weight as the daily Dry Matter Intake (DMI) or 13.8 kg DMI.


The Beef Breeder Mineral is fed during breeding season. Studies have shown that feeding higher levels of phosphorus at breeding time may increase fertility and conception rates while minimizing open cows and lost calves.

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