Beef Premixes

Alberta Feed & Consulting carries a full line of premixes for cow-calf producers and back-grounding operators. Providing proper levels of nutrition positively impacts the health, reproduction and feeding efficiency of your cattle. With today’s improved beef breeds and higher production expectations, proper nutrition must be supplied at all production levels.

The premixes supplied are only a small portion of your animals’ daily nutrition intake. We recommend analyzing your feedstocks for nutrient availability and quality. 

Our comprehensive line of premixes, paired with our consultative approach and commitment to quality, ensures that your cattle receive the nutrition they need for optimal health and performance. Contact us today to explore how our premix solutions can add to the success of your beef operation.


Why Choose Alberta Feed & Consulting's Premixes?

Tailored Nutrition

We recognize that one size does not fit all, and our premixes provide targeted nutrition to support the diverse requirements of your herd.

Health and Reproduction

Proper nutrition is the foundation of good health and successful reproduction in cattle. Our premixes are designed to promote optimal reproductive performance, ensuring that your cows conceive, calve, and raise healthy calves effectively.

Feeding Efficiency

Achieving feed efficiency is vital to managing operational costs. Our premixes allow you to get the most out of your feed resources and promote cost-effective cattle management.

Adaptability to Production Levels

Whether you are managing cow-calf pairs or backgrounding cattle for feedlots, our premixes can be seamlessly integrated into your feeding program to meet the specific nutritional requirements at each stage of production.