Alberta Feed & Consulting Ltd.’s swine feed consistently supports maximum performance throughout all stages of production with its ‘better-than-industry’ standard nutrient fortification.  

Our hog feed products are available in premix and micro-premix programs and customized to best suit your farm’s needs. Your swine operation will always supported by our knowledgeable, on-farm customer service.

Premix Program

Vitamins, trace minerals, and macrominerals are all a part of Alberta Feed & Consulting’s premix program. These hog feed products come in a convenient format for on-farm mixing. You will be able to find our premixes in bulk, tote, and bagged formats.

  • Sow Feed – Super Sow 40 Premix, Super Sow 45 Premix
  • Alberta Sow 50 Premix, Alberta Sow 60 Premix 
  • Grow/Finish Feed – Super Grower Premix, Super Finisher Premix 
  • Vantage 40 Premix, Finisher 30 Premix

Micro Program 

These vitamins and trace minerals are concentrated for on-farm mixing. Our micro minerals are available in tote and bagged formats to meet the needs of your hog operation.

  • Sow
    • Super Sow 5 Micro
    • Super Sow 10 Micro
    • Sow Micro 5
    • Sow Micro 10
  • Grow/Finish Feed
    • Super Grower 5 Micro
    • Super Finisher 5 Micro, 
    • Grower 5 Micro
    • Finisher 5 Micro

Specialty Products

Customize production on your farm with Alberta Feed & Consulting’s proven speciality products designed to improve performance.\

  • Klean Feed – Klean Feed is a blend of preservatives, anti-oxidants, proteins and direct fed microbials, which help buffer and inhibit the effects associated with moulds and mycotoxins in grains and protein blends used for swine feed, such as feed refusal, reduced intake, and slower growth.  
  • Bio-Gest – The organic enzymes in Bio-Gest can improve the health of the digestive tract, causing it to maximize its efficiency in digesting feed stuffs, resulting in healthier, faster growing and more efficient livestock.
  • Pre-Track – Nature is the best source of ingredients to support healthy hog growth. Pre-Track specifically targets the micro flora in the gut, increasing beneficial bacteria and reducing harmful bacteria, resulting in improved immunity and increased animal performance.
  • Litter + Sow Add Pack – Support sows when they need it most with Alberta Feed & Consulting’s Litter + Sow Add Pack.   
  • Feed n’ Breed – Look after your boars so their energy and endurance are up to the task with our specialty feed product.

Creep Program

  • Complete Creep Feeds – Create a complete diet for your piglets to seamlessly assist in transitioning from nursing on the sow to eating solid feed.
  • Head Start Creep – Our product is designed as a single-stage feed for piglets five days prior to weaning until they reach 12kg in body weight. This feed utilizes new ingredient technologies for improved gut health and digestion without the traditional high zinc levels.  
  • Advanced Creep #1 – This Creep Program product is the first of a two-stage creep program; piglets receive Advanced Creep #1 for five days prior to weaning until weaning. This feed utilizes highly bioavailable and readily absorbable ingredients.
  • Advanced Creep #2 – This product is your second of a two-stage creep program. Piglets should be fed Advanced Creep #2 from weaning until they reach 12kg in body weight. This feed contains highly palatable ingredients to increase consumption and reduce acid binding capacity (ABC).

Base Mixes

Follow up on our creep program with a base mix to see your piglets maximize their genetic potential throughout the starter stage. Our base mixes include highly digestible ingredients and readily available organic nutrients that promote health and vigorous growth in your hogs.

  • Advanced Basemix 150
  • Head Start Basemix (coming soon!)